What does ÜBERSETZERNETZ offer clients?

ÜBERSETZERNETZ sees itself as an interface between the contractual parties for language services and supports the conditions for interpreters and translators, thus supporting the use of these services. Translators and interpreters serve the client when he is expanding his business activities and thus they contribute to the client’s business success.

If you have an inquiry concerning any linguistic services, the mail distribution service will pass it on to the appropriate interpreter or translator who will then submit a quotation for your project. This service is free of charge to clients and the linguistic will contact you. Please click here and you will be redirected to our Direct Inquiry System (DIS).

Tips for clients
Several clients are not aware of the fact that interpreters and translators are free-lancers as are doctors, lawyers and tax consultants. Nonetheless it was not yet possible to legally patent the job descriptions “interpreter” and “translator”. This means that the client must gain an exact impression of the linguist’s capability before giving him the job, because the quality of the linguist is closely connected to the trustworthiness of a company. The
ÜBERSETZERNETZ database includes detailed information about the qualifications of the interpreters and translators such as their education, studies, knowledge of the industry and job experience.

Brief job terminology

transfer the spoken words in a language into another language. There are two techniques:

Simultaneous interpretation
The interpreter transfers simultaneously and continuously, mostly using an interpretation system or whispering;

Consecutive interpretation
The interpreter transfers into the other language after the speaker has finished talking.

transfer a text into another language.

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