What does ÜBERSETZERNETZ offer its members?

The basic principle of ÜBERSETZERNETZ is: the interpreter/translator is able to concentrate on the provision of his service and ÜBERSETZERNETZ relieves him of his advertising work. In order to ensure genuine attention from the target group, regular advertising on the Web and in local and national print media is necessary. Due to the grouping within ÜBERSETZERNETZ, marketing measures can be realised whose costs normally exceed the advertising budget of the individual interpreter or translator.

ÜBERSETZERNETZ is the first advertising pool for interpreters and translators which offers more than simply a market for their presence on the Web as it offers suitable advertising measures in target group oriented print media at the same time. Thus each individual provider of linguistic services reaches his target group. The advertising measures are funded by the member’s contributions, there are no other duties or conditions related to membership. Also, ÜBERSETZERNETZ offers its members information regarding work-specific topics from all areas, current legal decisions, collaboration offers, small adverts and on many other subjects. On top of this, ÜBERSETZERNETZ members receive favourable terms and discounts from insurance companies, for telecommunication, etc.

ÜBERSETZERNETZ is registered with a large number of keywords and the respective metatags in search engines. Moreover, banner advertising is made in the more important search engines. Besides that, ÜBERSETZERNETZ carries out a number of marketing measures, e.g. mailings and PR in order to draw the attention of decision makers within the companies to ÜBERSETZERNETZ. These measures lead to an increase of the degree of fame of every individual member, both nationally and internationally and this finally leads to positive results for setting up a regular clientele. But what happens if a new job comes in and there is no capacity free? ÜBERSETZERNETZ also solves this problem because it supports co-operation between the professional colleagues. What better means is available to find a qualified colleague so quickly and easily?

Further services offered by ÜBERSETZERNETZ:

Consulting for start-ups in the linguistic field, temporary holiday replacement, business services, accounting/reminders.


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