FAQ’s - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was ÜBERSETZERNETZ founded?
A: In November 2001 the “Start-up-Initiative, Deutscher Gründerpreis” was presented the concept  for a national network of qualified interpreters and translators. Amongst the approx. 400 concepts which were sent to the Sparkasse expert committee, the top management consultants McKinsey, Stern and ZDF, our concept was evaluated as “good” in all parts. As a result, Übersetzernetz was founded in January 2002.

Q: Which linguists is ÜBERSETZERNETZ designed for?
A: Anybody who has a diploma or a state examination as an interpreter and/or a translator and has relevant job experience may become a member. An authorisation by the responsible Intermediate Court of Appeals is also deemed as a qualification. The linguist must be fully or partly self-employed.

Q: What advantages does the linguist have from ÜBERSETZERNETZ?
A: ÜBERSETZERNETZ takes on the communicative marketing and the advertising for its members and thus contributes to collaboration between linguists and clients. The future contractual partners for language mediation work will be supported when building up long-term business relationships. ÜBERSETZERNETZ offers its members information related to the job (legal, tax, insurance etc.).

Q: What advantages does the client have from ÜBERSETZERNETZ?
A: Clients for language services have free access to the ÜBERSETZERNETZ via the Web. Qualified interpreters and translators present themselves there. The easiest way for the client to contact the linguist with the necessary knowledge and experience for the respective job is via the “Direct Inquiry System” (DIS). ÜBERSETZERNETZ uses this to create direct and immediate contact between the future contact partners. The linguists conduct their business legally and economically independently.

Q: How does the linguist calculate his fees?
A: The fee scale for the payment of witnesses and experts (ZSEG) serves as a guideline for the fees of qualified linguists. Interpreters invoice according to hourly or daily rates and translators according to the number of lines in a translation, in which a norm line is 50 characters long.

Q: What should I do if, for instance, I need several interpreters for a trade fair or several translators are needed for multilingual operating instructions?
A: In this case, either use the “DIS” or contact ÜBERSETZERNETZ directly. We would be happy to carry out the co-ordination of the activities and would put reliable, qualified teams together for you.

Q: Is there a printed list of members?
A: Interested companies and institutes can always order a list of members directly, sorted by language under liste@uebersetzernetz.de. The dispatch follows as a file annex in Word format. Members can call up the actualised list at the end of a calendar year.